19. - 26. 6. 2021

Para stories: Get to know these ordinary extraordinary stories

/ Ostrava
/Adam Kotala

Today marks the beginning of a series of short stories on the Czech para hockey website and social networks from the para hockey world called Para stories. You will be able to find an incredible life story of a chosen world or Czech para hockey player every week, not only on our Youtube channel but on Instagram or the Czech para hockey Facebook page as well. It’s no coincidence that this series begins on the fourth day in February.

Stories that motivate hundreds of thousands of fans around the world

A doctor, freestyle racer, world-famous coach and motivator, taxi driver, soldier, lumberjack. All these people are united by one surprising passion of life: PARA HOCKEY! Although no one may have found their way to the sport voluntarily, para hockey has become their new passion. “When you get to know the players one by one, you will find that there’s no use feeling pity over their story. Admiration should be in place instead. Para hockey players have such an incredible willpower and energy that they can conjure not only on ice. That’s why we decided to introduce para hockey players from all over the world to fans on a regular basis, thanks to the social networks of Czech para hockey. These stories really uplift and move each one of us. Telling us to not give up and keep on fighting, no matter what happens to you in our life, “added Zuzana Glacová, who is the author of the Para stories miniseries. This project is absolutely unique within the worldwide promotion of this sport. No one has yet created such a comprehensive overview of para hockey life stories.

PARA Stories: Nothing is as it seems

We begin with World Cancer Day

Cancer is a common reason why people end up in wheelchairs. Surprisingly, even this disease can be a starting point of a completely new stage in life and the beginning of a professional sporting career. Does that seem unreal? This is the story of Michal Geier, for example, the captain of the Czech para hockey team, who suffered from cancer as a child. He worked hard on himself and was even able to start a family thanks to para hockey. His determination now motivates other new players. “I want to be an example, pass on more experience to the boys, so that we can work as one. We’re kinda this para hockey family, “said Michal Geier in the first episode of Para stories. February 4th is the date when we commemorate World Cancer Day, that is why today’s first Para story begins with Michal Geier.

Para stories – Episode 1 with Michal Geier

Why did he feel like he was riding in the tram at the beginning of his para hockey career? And who was the person that introduced him to para hockey? Find out today on the Czech para hockey Youtube channel. More stories of Czech and other world players await you regularly every week. So who are you most curious to learn about? And who, from the para hockey world, would you like to get to know better? Follow Czech para hockey and you will experience a regular dose of powerful emotions thanks to those who never gave up!