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The WCh is getting closer! Let’s relive the moment!

/ Ostrava
/Zuzana Glacová

The Ostrava 2021 World Para Ice Hockey Championships campaign entitled Relive the moment starts today! Gradually we will meet three key figures of the upcoming tournament – Zdeněk Krupička, a para ice hockey representative, Samson the mascot, and Petr the fan. We will meet them all again later at the Ostravar Arena during the championships as well. You are able to see an invitation sample on the Czech para ice hockey social networks right now! Samson, our amazing para ice hockey mascot will be the first to invite you to the tournament, whether you’re right there in the arena or at your TV screens. As of now, you can find out how the filming itself took place on our Ostrava 2021 Para Ice Hockey Championships website.

Join Samson and experience the preparation for the tournament with us again! Let’s RELIVE THE MOMENT!

Mistrovství světa v para hokeji Ostrava 2021 probíhá za finanční podpory Statutárního města Ostravy a Moravskoslezského kraje.