19. - 26. 6. 2021

PREVIEW DAY 2: Czechs against the giant, but also a duel of the undefeated

/ Ostrava
/Zuzana Glacová

After a lively introduction day, the world championships continue with another batch of games in the preliminary round. Canada and Korea will play for the lead in the A group, and then subsequently, Czechs will try to resist the United States. A difficult task also awaits Italy, which will be facing the RPC in Group B. The day will be closed by a game between the debuting team of Slovakia, who will be playing against Norway.

GAME 5: Canada – Korea

The duel of the opening game winners is offering an exciting fight between Canada and Korea. The Canadians enjoyed a win over their age-old United States rivals; the Koreans celebrated even more after their victory over the Czech Republic. Canada remains the favourite as it is the team that defeated Korea twice in the 2019 Ostrava WCh, but the team also came out victorious every time in the history of their mutual encounters.

Game No. 5 Canada – Korea is played on Sunday from 11:15 am.

GAME 6: Czech Republic – USA  

To change things up – the battle of the losing teams, although both teams likely perceive their losses differently. The game against Korea was crucial for the Czechs. As the reigning World and Paralympic champions, the Americans are still of extreme quality, despite the defeat from Canada. Images of a packed Ostravar Arena flew around the world two years ago with Michal Geier as head of the goal from the semifinal game. The Americans clearly dominated, with the score being 10:2. But why not remember the only success of the Czech team against this hockey giant from 2012? Even then, the Americans were a hot favourite but fell in the group 1:2 after shoot-outs.

Game no. 6 Czech Republic – USA is played on Sunday from 2.30 pm.

GAME 7: Italy – RPC

Italy played a crazy opening game against Norway, where they lost during shoot-outs. An even more difficult opponent is now awaiting the Southerners. The RPC are back on the A Division scene six years after their bronze medal win in Boston and have not decreased in quality since then. They entered this year’s tournament with a comfortable 7-0 win over Slovakia. Both opponents competed at all the top events that the RPC has taken part in (three so far), from which the RPC always came out victorious.

Game no.7 Italy – RPC is played on Sunday from 5:30 pm.

GAME 8: Slovakia – Norway

The duel of the two geographically smallest participants in the championships is like a duel between David and Goliath when it comes to experience. In the first game of the IPC tournament, Slovakia will go up against Norway, which is considered a traditional para ice hockey stronghold as Norway has participated in all World Championships and Paralympic Games, from which the team has collected a nice line of precious metals. Will Slovakia be able to get a taste of victory for the first time, or will experience persevere?

Game no. 8 Slovakia – Norway is played on Sunday from 9:00 pm.